After the workshop keeping the learning alive

After the Leadership Workshop: Keeping Q4 Skills Alive

Transfer of Training:  5 Tips

At the end of almost every one of our leadership workshops, participants ask,  “How do I easily keep the Q4 People Skills top-of-mind?”  How do I transfer the training back to the workplace, to make sure my new skills get put to use? Here are several suggestions. These are for our Q4 Leadership: The People Skills Advantage Workshop.  However, they apply to most any training you might be wanting to transfer.

1. Use Your New Skills in Your Real Life Case

While your skills are fresh, use them in your real life case.  Most participants report substantial success with their real life case when they get back to the job.  You can be one of our successes too!  Practice your Q4 skills so they become habits.

2. Debrief the Workshop with Your Boss

Go over the main content.  Share any key learnings.  If appropriate, ask your boss’ help in utilizing your Q4 leadership skills.

Have a leadership meeting upcoming?  Pick out one or two key learnings and share them with your group.  You’ll help engender a Q4 culture.

3. Try out One New Leadership Skill Your Learned

Pick out one learning and try it out this week.  Put it on your calendar and daily planner. Check yourself each day to be sure you are making the effort.

4. Share Your Q4 Leadership Learnings with Your Direct Reports

When they understand Q4 better, and when you exhibit Q4 behavior more, you start to engender a Q4 culture.  This can help your direct reports become more Q4, making for a more productive & enjoyable team to work with.

5. Read our Leadership Through People Skills Book

It distills the principles of Q4 by adding clarity and examples for further understanding.  Additionally, check our the leadership tips on our blog for thoughts on handling various workplace challenges in a more Q4 manner.


Keep Your Q4 Learnings Alive

Hopefully these suggestions and more will help you transfer your training after the workshop.  Put your Q4 skills to productive use.  Don’t let them get dusty!


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