How Do You Hold on to Your High-Potentials?

Nov. 21st, 2019

The Situation

Drew is a senior VP at a mid-size insurance firm. Every year, his company hires a handful of the best and brightest from area business schools to infuse the talent pool with new blood.

Each recruit is mentored by an executive such as Drew. Becca joined the company three years ago, and was paired with Drew. While Drew isn’t Becca’s boss, he does help facilitate her career development at the firm.

An Unwelcome Surprise

Drew meets with Becca regularly, always asking about her work, and their sessions generally have been pleasant. That’s why Drew was shocked when Becca’s boss told him that Becca is considering working for a competing firm. Drew feels that Becca is being ungrateful — after all, his firm gave her a foot in the door!

A Better Way

Drew may be disappointed by what he sees as ingratitude. However, he and his firm might consider learning from this and approaching young talent in a more Q4 collaborative manner. What should they do to have better success with retention?

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VP of Organizational Consulting Dr. Emily Ingalls has the Q4 Answer!

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