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Why Don’t We Just Hire All Q4s?

Pam Hager, Ph.D., Senior Vice President of Instructional Consulting, shares another leadership development insight with us:

“I recently introduced a new group of learners to Q4 behavior. The group was very interested in learning how each of the four different behaviors found on the Dimensional® Model of Behaviorcan impact others.

The group spent a lot of time discussing the impact of their boss’ worst behaviors. Together, we determined that when bosses exhibit non-Q4 behavior, that behavior fails to inspire Q4 behavior in direct reports.

One participant then asked why companies don’t just hire all Q4 behavior? It sounds awfully easy, but I challenged the group to think about how realistic it would be to hire only Q4 applicants. Broken into small teams, participants spent a few minutes discussing the feasibility of such a hiring decision.

Here are some of the group’s ideas:

  1. Since Q4 is behavior the preferred method for getting things done in the workplace, some assessments can isolate a tendency to behave that way. There are no guarantees that the candidate would behave in a Q4 way in the workplace.
  2. It’s not so easy to engender Q4 behavior in the workplace. That’s because behavior is usually a reaction to someone else’s behavior. For instance, a Q1 boss can inadvertently encourage Q1 or Q2 behavior from direct reports. It’s more challenging to stay in Q4 behavior when the person you’re working with is not Q4.

But what do we do with current employees who demonstrate non-Q4 behaviors? It’s clearly not feasible to fire everyone with non-Q4 behaviors. Instead, it is simpler and more profitable to work with employees to help them embrace more Q4 behavior. One idea is to encourage and reward Q4 behavior while discouraging and disciplining non-Q4 behaviors. Some of our clients build Q4 behavior into their values, performance management systems, and the very fabric of their culture.  And of course, it’s key to model Q4 behavior ourselves, as well as investing in Q4-based leadership development for those who need it.”

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