Leadership Tip: Combine Harmony With Productivity at Work

Mar. 27th, 2019

We all enjoy working with pleasant, upbeat colleagues. They make the day a little brighter, and the time pass more quickly. But sometimes, you’ll find that a coworker is far more concerned with socializing and feeling good than they are with productivity at work.

On our Dimensional Model of Behavior, we call this Q3 behavior.

Q3 can be described as “Pacify & Socialize” behavior. It’s very focused on interpersonal harmony, which is great — but for Q3, that harmony often happens at the expense of getting things done. You may find that Q3 avoids unpleasant topics at work, smoothes over disagreements, or simply wants to socialize all the time. Whatever the case, Q3 behavior tends to be loose and unstructured — not a recipe for staying on task.

Harnessing Harmony to Productivity

However, by better understanding the motivators behind Q3’s desire to get along well with others, you can help them focus and boost productivity. Watch as Dr. Lauren LaBat, Director of Organizational Consulting, describes how to harness Q3’s interpersonal needs for a win-win solution.

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