Q4 Leadership Tip: Do You Have Difficulty Discussing Performance Issues With Your Direct Reports?

Jun. 24th, 2019

The Situation

Erica oversees three teams as a project manager at an IT firm. The company likes to promote from within for its management positions. But for that to happen, Erica must develop the potential of people who report to her, like Rob.

Uncomfortable Position

During the last quarter, Rob’s team has had some problems maintaining quality standards. Erica is a Q4 boss most of the time — she communicates well and positively motivates her team to high performance.

However, when conducting performance reviews, she often drifts into Q3 overly agreeable behavior, especially if she needs to address performance issues. Intellectually, Erica knows she should bring up the quality issues on Rob’s team, but she is uncomfortable addressing the topic with him directly.

How would you handle Rob’s performance issue in a Q4 assertive way?

You Make the Call!

A.  Meet with Rob, quickly review the quality concerns, and get his assurance that he’ll refocus his team.

B.  Let Rob know that, going forward, such quality issues will not be tolerated, and give him 60 days to work out the problems.

C.  Use your performance review with Rob to get his perspective on why quality has been slipping. Then work together to develop a plan for solving the problem.

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