Our Staff

Take Five With Brenda Hancock

May. 15th, 2018

We’re back with an all new Take Five, where we get to know the Psychological Associates staff a little better.

Today, we’ll get to know Administrative Specialist Brenda Hancock. You’ll see her smiling face when you enter our offices, and she’s also a fantastic proofreader.  Take it away, Brenda!

Take Five


  1. Movie you quote from all the time?
    • “Gone with the Wind – “I’ll think about it tomorrow.”
  2. Favorite lunch spot?
    • Crushed Red
  3. Coffee or tea?
    • Coffee
  4. Favorite book?
    • Anything by Lee Child; I am stuck on the Jack Reacher series.
  5. Who inspires you?
    • Both my daughters; very ambitious women
  6. Baseball or hockey?
    • Baseball
  7. Favorite snack?
    • Kind bars
  8. What’s your pop culture guilty pleasure?
    • Don’t have one
  9. Three words to describe yourself?
    • Team player, reliable, persistent
  10. What’s your proudest moment at PA?
    • Just doing my best at whatever is assigned.

Thanks, Brenda!