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Take Five With Dr. Michelle Clark

Take Five is back! Today, we’re featuring Dr. Michelle Clark, Executive Vice President. When Michelle isn’t helping clients craft solutions to their talent management issues, she loves spending time with her family in the Great Outdoors. Take it away, Michelle!

Take Five

  1. Favorite movie quote?
    • One of my favorite movies with a leadership theme is Moneyball, particularly the message about disrupting old thinking and living with the pushback from people who want things to stay the way they have been. Here is my favorite quote:
      John Henry to Billy Beane: “I know you are taking it in the teeth, but the first guy through the wall … he always gets bloody … always. This is threatening not just a way of doing business … but in their minds, it’s threatening the game. Really what it’s threatening is their livelihood, their jobs. It’s threatening the way they do things … and every time that happens, whether it’s the government, a way of doing business, whatever, the people who are holding the reins — they have their hands on the switch — they go batshit crazy. Anyone who isn’t tearing their team down now and rebuilding it your way … they are dinosaurs.”
  2. Who inspires you?
    • My daughters are a huge inspiration for me. They have taken the best parts of me and somehow eliminated the worst. They are facing today’s world with a warrior spirit and the bias toward action that positions them to get things done in a candid and just manner. Doing everything I can to support their success and stay out of their way is my number one motivator.
  3. What are you currently reading?
    • I’m almost always reading one non-fiction book and one fiction book. These are the ones for this week:
      Nonfiction: That’s What She Said: What Men Need To Know (and Women Need to Tell Them) About Working Together.
      It is an evenhanded explanation of what many women leaders find challenging about today’s workplace.
      Fiction: Trustee from the Toolroom (1942..Nevil Shute). It is an old-fashioned novel with no murder, no autopsies, and a set of simple people doing kind things.
  4. What’s your pop culture guilty pleasure?
    • Beating my family at a wide variety of Xbox One games.

Thanks, Michelle!

Michelle Clark
Michelle’s Favorite Vacation: A 2017 four-day backpacking trip down Bright Angel trail, with a turn-off to the Colorado river and up (9 miles) out on the Hermit trail.

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