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Take Five With Annika From

We’re back with an all new Take Five! Today’s entry comes from Annika From, PA’s undergraduate intern. Annika is a rising senior at University of California – Berkeley, where she’s pursing a double major in Psychology and English. Annika is wrapping up her time at PA, but she’s worked on several important projects during her tenure with us, including contributing to our HR and Operations team, and helping create curriculum for an upcoming workshop on emotional intelligence. We’ll miss her when she goes back to school!

Take Five

  1. Movie you quote from all the time?
    • I’m a big fan of all things Disney, so I’ll quote (and sing) from those movies a lot, particularly The Lion King.
  2. Coffee or tea?
    • Definitely tea—my favorites are Earl Grey and Rooibos Chai.
  3. Favorite book?
    • As an English major, I love reading; it’s difficult to pick just one! I really love anything from the modernist period, especially Ulysses and The Sound and the Fury. The Little Prince will also always be one of my favorites.
  4. Night owl or early riser?
    • Neither—the more sleep, the better!
  5. What’s your spirit animal?
    • Probably a penguin. They’re cute, quirky, and social, but are also surprisingly strong and resilient and will go to great lengths to care for others.
  6. What are you currently watching/reading?
    • I’m currently reading a book on personality by Dr. Brian R. Little called Me, Myself, and Us. I also just finished reading The Color Purple by Alice Walker and Daring Greatly by Brené Brown and loved them both!
  7. Hogwarts house?
    • Definitely a Ravenclaw!
  8. What’s your pop culture guilty pleasure?
    • Probably that I’ve been watching the Bachelorette with my roommates every week this summer.
  9. Three words to describe yourself?
    • Understanding, intentional, and analytical
  10. What’s your proudest moment at PA?
    • Being able to reflect on all that I had accomplished this summer and share with everyone at the company’s recent Town Hall meeting. Particularly researching about how to prevent against bias in the assessment process, because I really believe in the importance of this topic.

Thanks, Annika!

Annika From

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