how to deal with passive aggressive coworker

How to Deal with Passive Aggressive Coworker (Practical Suggestions)

Passive Aggressive Behaviors in the Workplace

Passive aggressive behaviors in the workplace are no fun to deal with. They can feel cold, biting, mistrustful,… In this case study, we’ll examine 3 approaches to this issue, and show you our thoughts on the most successful way to handle this. Then, when you are confronted with how to deal with passive aggressive coworker, you’ll be well equipped to handle it.

The Situation

Working in the marketing department of a brokerage firm, you are having a great year. One reason is that you helped launch a weekly video blog that goes to all clients, and you are the on-camera host.

You share script writing with Maya, your numbers guru in the research department. Her contributions are a big part of the project’s success. Maya has kidded you at times, saying, “What are you going to do when I become a vice-president and won’t have time for your blog?”

Colleague’s Demeanor Turns Icy

The blog recently won an industry award. Management decided that, as the on-air talent, you alone should accept the award for the company. Of course, you recognized Maya in your comments.

Still, she hasn’t taken it well. Your working relationship is frosty now. You now have to prompt her for her data, and she doesn’t readily discuss the blog’s topics like she used to.  She is more distant, cold, and guarded around you. “What has prompted all of this?”, you wonder.

How to Deal with Passive Aggressive Employees?

You know Maya doesn’t get the recognition she should, but you try. How can you approach your sulking colleague to repair your working relationship? What must you do to have a successful Q4 meeting about working together in the future?

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