Engage Older Employees

Engaging Older Staff Employees – Motivating Coasting Pre-Retirees

I Do Just Enough Work To Get By.

What do you do when your employee approaching retirement is mailing it in?  Coasting and disengaged.  But they have important work to do before they retire. How to engage pre-retirees?  We’ll examine 3 approaches and show you which is most effective.  Then when you are faced with engaging older staff employees, you’ll be poised for effective action.

The Situation

You work as a manager at a manufacturing company. One of your direct reports, Scott, has announced that he is retiring by the end of the year. He has had a responsible and complex role in the manufacturing process. It’s important to transition seamlessly to Scott’s replacement.

While it was nice of him to give ample notice so that you and your company can make a smooth changeover, unfortunately, Scott has been taking a bit of a victory lap. His coasting is not difficult to notice. He does not appear engaged, and seems more often to just go through the motions more recently.

Retirement Countdown

There’s a lot of transitional planning for Scott to help with, such as selection of a replacement, training that person and turning over his files and other information. But Scott is being quite resistant to tackling these tasks. You really need his help, but you are growing impatient as time winds down.

Keys to Motivation

As a Q4 motivating and involving leader, what personal benefits would work with this short-timer’s Q2 uninvolved behavior?

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