how to deal with difficult clients

Dealing with Difficult Clients: Will Their New Drop-Dead Time Demand Kill You?

A Demanding Client

Have you ever been between a rock and a hard place?  A demanding client wants your work so fast that it would stress out and be uncomfortable for your staff?  How do you deal with difficult clients?  Do you acquiesce to their demands?  Tell them no, sticking up for your staff? We’ll explore 3 alternatives, and equip you with the best way of handling this, so you’ll be ready when you encounter this predicament.

The Situation

You are in charge of a team of six that builds websites for a website provider. You try to be Q4 collaborative with your group and maintain solid working relationships.

When dealing with customers, you must work out timelines and deliverables with clients. One day, Mindy, who works for a marketing firm that uses your expertise, calls about the deadline for a website your team is building for her.

She wants to move up the deadline by three days, but you’re booked solid with work. You tell her it’s a real problem, but she brushes that aside. “My client wants it sooner.” You hadn’t realized what a demanding client Mindy is!

Tough Customer

You shake your head and tell her that the architecture for the site must be tested, the pages all checked, etc.

She waves aside your reply, saying, “You’ll work your magic!”

In the past, your reaction has been to figure out how to comply with touch customer demands. But this time, your team will bear the brunt of your decision, and they won’t be happy. How should you deal with this difficult client?  Which option should you choose?

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