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How Can You Keep the Business When Your Contact Leaves the Company?

The Situation

Tony is attending a retirement party for one of his earliest customers, John at Stellar Industries. The two got along so well, they became friends. They often had lunch together, and once, they took their families on a vacation cruise together.

They rarely disagreed when doing business. So, Tony is thrown off somewhat by John’s rather sudden decision to hang it up. This account represents sizeable business for Tony, and he is not sure about dealing with John’s replacement, Barb.

The New Customer

Although Barb used to be John’s assistant, Tony never established much rapport with her. Just as unsettling, Stellar Industries has more people involved in its buying decisions these days. It’s unclear whether Barb will have the same autonomy that John had.

As Tony leaves the party, he thinks, “I hope Barb and I can become friends.”

Can the Business Be Retained?

What should Tony do to make sure he remains a strong supplier for Stellar?


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