Techniques for Turning Inaction Into Action

The Situation

Kim is the sales rep for an upscale office remodeling firm. She’s been calling on Josh, the office manager for an insurance company. Josh has told Kim that his company wants to update its offices with a new look. He has told her that his decision will most likely be accepted by his company.

Josh enjoys his job, and when the two have gotten together to discuss the project, it has been a pleasant experience. Josh has interesting stories to tell. Kim has even gotten one of her designers involved to discuss budget considerations.

Spinning Her Wheels

The problem for Kim is that this is the third time she has met with Josh, and he seems no closer to signing a retainer agreement to get this project going. Is Josh just shopping for ideas? Is he afraid to commit?

Move It Forward

Someone will get this business, but Kim doesn’t know how to get Josh to take action without seeming rude. Which Q4 sales strategy/techniques might she employ not only to move the sales process forward, but to get the business?

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