Keeping Customers Focused to Advance Your Sale

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The Situation Leslie is a consultant at a senior living placement agency. She has had several consultations with Daniel about the right senior facility for his elderly mother. Based on previous conversations, they’re meeting to go over the three finalists. Here’s part of the conversation: Leslie: I know the kind of facility you want for […]

Prove Your Prospect’s Future Should Be With You

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The Situation You want to be an effective Q4 customer-focused salesperson. Being Q4 means you present the solutions that your products or services can achieve. But it also means you are offering value — to meet both the tangible and personal needs of your customers. Further, it means that your collaborative style becomes part of […]

Are You Just Another Sales Call to a Prospect?

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The Situation Gina is the lone salesperson for a printing company. Her firm is highly competitive and offers fast and sophisticated services. The problem is, so do a lot of other companies. Her industry is overcrowded. To illustrate how this can affect a sales call, here’s a snippet from a phone conversation with one of […]

How Can You Keep the Business When Your Contact Leaves the Company?

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The Situation Tony is attending a retirement party for one of his earliest customers, John at Stellar Industries. The two got along so well, they became friends. They often had lunch together, and once, they took their families on a vacation cruise together. They rarely disagreed when doing business. So, Tony is thrown off somewhat […]