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Are You Just Another Sales Call to a Prospect?

The Situation

Gina is the lone salesperson for a printing company. Her firm is highly competitive and offers fast and sophisticated services. The problem is, so do a lot of other companies. Her industry is overcrowded.

To illustrate how this can affect a sales call, here’s a snippet from a phone conversation with one of her prospects:

Gina: Justin, it was nice meeting you the other day. I hope you were able to look over the materials I left with you.
Justin:   Yes, I have your brochure in front of me right now.
Gina: Well, good! If there’s anything —
Justin: — I just wish you could print for larger formats. We have a number of political clients.
Gina: (Confused) But we do handle large formats. What made you think —
Justin: (Confused) You do? Wait. Weren’t you in here Tuesday morning?
Gina: Uh, no, Monday afternoon.
Justin: Oh.

Why Didn’t She Stand Out?

Oops! It’s an awkward moment. Now Gina isn’t sure where she is with this prospect. The fact is, she didn’t stand out from the other reps.

Gina could have brought doughnuts for Justin’s office. She could have left logoed fidget spinners or employed some other memorable gimmick.

However, as a Q4 collaborative salesperson, she might also have employed a Q4 strategy to be memorable in a meaningful, business way. Even if she has only known this prospect for a short time, which Q4 techniques could she have applied?


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