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Are You Just Putting Out Fires?

The Situation

When Brendon, a sales rep for Braxton Industries, got a call from his customer Kelly, he was concerned. Kelly called to complain about upcharges that appeared on the latest invoice from Braxton for products she routinely ordered.

Brendon thought he had handled the problem skillfully. He explained the one-time charge to her, but decided to cancel it anyway, as a favor for her customer loyalty. Kelly seemed satisfied by his response. He was, too.

Actions Speak Louder …?

However, Brendon later learned that Kelly had given a sizeable order to one of his competitors. Also, she was too busy to see him when he called for an appointment last week. Was Kelly still annoyed by the billing problem? She shouldn’t be. He removed the charge from her bill — what more could he have done?

From what you know about Q4 relationship selling, what might Brandon be overlooking about this incident?

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