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Will You Keep Your Good Customers in the Coming Year?

The Situation:  How to Achieve Customer Retention and Growth with Q4 Sales Skills?

One of your sales goals in the new year is to solidify your relationship with current customers and expand the business you do with them. Yet you may have the problem many salespeople experience: There is a limit to how much discounting or deal-making you can do, even among regular customers. If a price war breaks out, and you can’t go lower, how can you maintain customer loyalty and customer retention?

In some cases, maybe you can’t. But we feel that for the long haul, your Q4 adaptive selling skills will serve you well, no matter what business you are in. Can you think of several Q4 techniques you’ve learned that will help you keep — and increase — business this coming year to solidify customer retention and growth?

  • Communicate to engage, and do it more often. It’s human nature that when we are busy, we put off contacting reliable customers. The next thing you know, an e-mail arrives, telling you they are going with someone else.
    Q4 selling emphasizes the collaborative process of engaging your customers often. It’s a good habit to maintain. Regularly take a reading of your customers’ vital signs to be sure their needs are being fully met, and in a timely way.
  • Keep focusing on those unique, individual needs — both tangible and intangible. Use your sizing-up skills to evaluate the behavior you see (or hear). Customers are individuals. Tailor how you engage with them, based on their Q Behaviors. Then, determine how you can be their go-to person, the one they can count on, no matter what the competition may be promising them to take their business away from you.
  • Emphasize value-added selling. What is the net gain to customers when buying from you? If you aren’t sure of the answer, do an analysis! Unless your product or service is so unique it cannot be obtained anywhere else, there’s always the risk that a competitor might undercut your price or upgrade their product to be more appealing, especially in the short term.
    But when you can articulate how you serve each customer’s unique needs in every facet of your relationship, you are in a strong position to retain their business and expand what they buy from you in the coming year.