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Putting Your Best Foot … In Your Mouth?

The Situation

Brandon has been selling lab equipment to pharmaceutical firms for 20 years. Whenever he learns about a new start-up company, he tries to get in front of the right person with his company’s wide range of laboratory supplies.

That’s why he is talking with Mariana, who is in charge of facilities at a firm embarking on exciting research into new medications. With new prospects, Brandon feels it’s important to credential himself and his firm. After all, he has a track record that competing salespeople can’t touch.

Here’s part of that initial conversation:

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On the Wrong Track

It’s obvious that, with each effort to show his experience and capability, Brandon is pushing this prospect away. Yet, isn’t that what salespeople should strive for — to become the solution to the prospects’ needs? Someone customers can rely on for answers? Brandon was trying to put his best foot forward. What is he missing in terms of Q4 selling techniques?

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