What If Your Price Is Going to Be … Problematic?

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The Situation John’s company designs and builds websites for small and mid-sized companies. He focuses on organizations that need to take their websites to a more professional level. His firm charges a healthy fee to do a comprehensive job. Thus, John tries to show prospects how they will get a good return on their investment […]

Are You Missing Sales Because Customers Pigeonhole You?

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The Situation Stephanie is sales rep for a janitorial service that cleans office buildings. She checks with her clients regularly to be sure they are pleased with her service. As she drives up to a steady customer’s building, she notices several trucks for a company specializing in mold removal. Stephanie’s company is active in that […]

Putting Your Best Foot … In Your Mouth?

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The Situation Brandon has been selling lab equipment to pharmaceutical firms for 20 years. Whenever he learns about a new start-up company, he tries to get in front of the right person with his company’s wide range of laboratory supplies. That’s why he is talking with Mariana, who is in charge of facilities at a […]

Are You Leaving It to Your Prospects to Close the Sale?

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The Situation Tom is a fairly new sales rep for a commercial sign company. He gets leads from a number of sources, but he also makes cold calls when he sees retail businesses with aging building signage. Tom is personable, communicates well, and tries to match his products to prospects’ needs in a Q4 way. […]