What If Your Price Is Going to Be … Problematic?

sales tip

The Situation John’s company designs and builds websites for small and mid-sized companies. He focuses on organizations that need to take their websites to a more professional level. His firm charges a healthy fee to do a comprehensive job. Thus, John tries to show prospects how they will get a good return on their investment […]

Are You Missing Sales Because Customers Pigeonhole You?

are you missing sales

The Situation Stephanie is sales rep for a janitorial service that cleans office buildings. She checks with her clients regularly to be sure they are pleased with her service. As she drives up to a steady customer’s building, she notices several trucks for a company specializing in mold removal. Stephanie’s company is active in that […]

Remove Surprise Obstacles to Closing the Sale

sales obstacles

The Situation Allison learned from a friend that Glen at Semmco Electronics was looking for a supplier of shipping boxes and packaging. Allison is a sales rep for just such a company. She meets with Glen, and she feels they have a very good meeting. Toward the end, Allison tries to close the sale: Missed […]