How Does Each Quadrant Show up to Wash Their Hands?

How Q4s Wash Their Hands

Right now, much of the country is working from home in an effort to contain the spread of Coronavirus. We’re staying six feet apart, sanitizing surfaces — and we’re all doing a whole lot of hand washing. That got Psychological Associates’ own Cindy Lefton, Ph.D., RN thinking — since hand washing is a behavior, how […]

Coping With a Ruthless Boss

a cruel or ruthless supervisor

Today’s scenario is about how to deal with a demanding boss who wants results at all costs, without concern for his people. Or, as some might call it, a cruel or ruthless supervisor. The Situation: Dealing with a Cruel or Ruthless Supervisor Jake is a middle manager at a tech firm. He tries to employ […]

Get Off That Sales Conversation Merry-Go-Round

selling behavior

The Situation Renée sells wholesale pet supplies to pet stores and veterinarians. She landed an appointment with Gerald, the buyer for a chain of pet stores. Soon after they begin their meeting, Gerald starts peppering Renée about her company’s policies. He’s reacting to information he found on her firm’s website: Round and Round to Nowhere […]

How To Manage Someone Who Doesn’t Want To Be Managed-He’s Always Right

how to manage someone who doesn't want to be managed

Facebook Twitter Linkedin Someone Who Thinks They Are Always Right Have you ever had the pleasure of working with someone who thinks they are always right? As a result, they don’t need advice, counsel, or other people’s thoughts, because they have all the answers. But what happens when they don’t, and their performance suffers? How […]

New Know-It-All Employee Wants to “Straighten Out” Boss

how to deal with know it alls

Facebook Twitter Linkedin People Who Think They Know Everything Have you ever worked with someone who–in just 3 months on the job–knows more than their boss who has been there 30 years?  In this case study on how to deal with know it alls, we’ll explore 3 ways of handling the situation. We’ll show you […]