Five Reasons for High Employee Turnover — And How to Deal With It

employee turnover

Today’s blog comes from Chief Operating Officer, Jeff Lefton, here with thoughts about employee turnover. When your organization experiences a high degree of employee turnover, there are a couple of things to consider. Two Questions to Consider First, what sort of employee turnover are you dealing with? Don’t just look at turnover as a singular […]

How Do You Deal With High Employee Turnover?

employee turnover

It’s true that you can’t make all of the people happy all of the time. But when your employees are more focused on where they’ll jump next than on the current job at hand, you might have an issue with employee turnover. Why Does Employee Turnover Matter? You may think that a constant influx of […]

The Key to Employee Retention

get the right people on the bus

“I don’t get any respect” is a mantra heard in offices throughout corporate America. Indeed, the common wisdom is that employees don’t leave their jobs — they leave their bosses. But employee retention might not actually be about simply getting respect from the boss. It might be bosses’ inability to inspire with a blend of energy and charisma. Download […]