Is Your Top Performer Really the Best Fit for a Foreign Placement?

Expat Assessment

As today’s world becomes ever more connected, it’s not unusual for companies to move some (or all) of their operations overseas. Some employees may jump at the chance to move to a new country. But is that enthusiasm enough to help you decide who should get that plum international assignment? What is your expatriate selection […]

Who Should You Promote? 3 Keys to a Better Decision

who should you promote

You’ve got a team with a lot of bench strength. Several employees can do their job well, with minimal oversight. They’re hardworking, get along well with others, and seem ready for the next challenge. So when a leadership position opens up, how do you know who you should promote? Here are 3 considerations to help […]

The True Cost of a Bad Hire


It doesn’t matter if your organization is large or small, public or private: At some point, you will make a bad hire. Maybe it’s someone who just doesn’t fit the culture; or maybe it’s someone who doesn’t have quite the skills needed for the job. Or maybe it’s someone with a misleading résumé. Hiring is a […]

Employee Selection — Another Process Enhanced by Big Data


It’s clear that American corporations have embraced the use of selection assessment and the principles of “big data” in managing the hiring process. For example, the Wall Street Journal ran a story on the rise of personality tests as part of standard hiring and vetting procedures. (Article author Lauren Weber summarizes her findings in a […]

How to Communicate Effectively and Handle Difficult People (with Q4 Power)

How to Communicate Effectively and Handle Difficult People

People Can Be a Challenge to Work With Do you work with a difficult person? Ask this question in any office, and everyone will tell you that they have at some point. This leads to a second, tougher question.  How to communicate effectively and handle difficult people? The answer is complicated in that not all […]

7 Compelling Reasons to Use Assessment Tools When Hiring

using assessment tools for hiring

The use of formal assessment tools — specifically, psychometric testing — for hiring decisions is on the rise. And, as recent pieces in Time and The Wall Street Journal attest, this testing, like any business process, has both its critics and defenders.