Parking Permit

Parking Instructions for Q4 Leadership Workshop

If you’re driving to the Q4 Leadership: The People Skills Advantage session, you may park in the Millbrook Garage, directly across from the Charles F. Knight Center. Visitor parking spaces are limited; please do not park in a spot unless it is specifically labelled for Visitors; otherwise, you may receive a ticket.

You will need a parking voucher to exit the garage each day. Your facilitator will go over the procedure, which is also outlined here:

  1. Guests will pull into the garage and pull a ticket to open the gate.
  2. Guests then park in a visitor marked spot.
  3. When guests arrive at the meeting room each day, you will receive a voucher—this voucher is necessary to exit the garage.
  4. When guests go back to the garage, visit one of the pay stations in the visitor parking area. Guests will scan the ticket they pulled that morning at the pay station, followed by their voucher ticket.
  5. Guests will scan their paid ticket in the machine as they leave and the arms to the garage will open for exit.