Results: Q4 Customer

Behavior Questionnaire Results

To better understand how behavior was determined for the person you have chosen, we recommend that you read about Psychological Associates’ Dimensional Model of Behavior.

Q4 Customer: Initiates/High Regard Behavior

Based upon your responses, when scored against our Dimensional Model, your customer most often exhibits an initiates/high regard style of behavior. This behavioral style would be positioned in the Q4 quadrant of our Dimensional Model. In our terminology, your customer is displaying Q4 behavior.


Key Characteristics of Q4 Customer Behavior

Q4 is pragmatic behavior. This customer tries to derive a payoff from the sales call. Q4 behavior is businesslike and candid.

See if any of these Q4 behaviors seem familiar:

  • Acting decisively. Realistically assesses value and benefits after getting the facts, then makes reasonable, businesslike decision.
  • Asking tough but pertinent questions. Shows a real desire to learn. Listens carefully and analytically.
  • Responding to new ideas. Likes innovation and enjoys challenges. Is willing to experiment.
  • Sharing information willingly. Openly answers questions without wasting time.
  • Being reasonable, logical. Wants solid reasons and clear-cut explanations that will justify a decision to buy. Bases decisions on systematic thinking.


Suggestions for Dealing with a Q4 Customer

  • Expect the customer to be fully involved, and give him every chance to do so.
  • Be pragmatic.
  • Be direct and businesslike.
  • Be well prepared and ready to back up your claims with evidence.
  • Use whatever probes are called for, but rely on open-end probes and summary statements.
  • Be ready to shift your strategy if the customer’s behavior shifts to another quadrant.


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