Results: Q3 Customer

Behavior Questionnaire Results

To better understand how behavior was determined for the person you have chosen, we recommend that you read about Psychological Associates’ Dimensional Model of Behavior.

Q3 Customer: Avoids/High Regard Behavior

Based upon your responses, when scored against our Dimensional Model, your customer most often exhibits an avoids/high regard style of behavior. This behavioral style would be positioned in the Q3 quadrant of our Dimensional Model. In our terminology, your customer is displaying Q3 behavior.


Key Characteristics of Q3 Customer Behavior

Q3 is acceptance-seeking behavior. The customer works at being liked. Because Q3 behavior is designed to make the salesperson feel good, it’s long-winded, rambling, and cheerful.

See if any of these Q3 behaviors seem familiar:

  • Being easily swayed and quick to agree. Cannot withstand pressure and a torrent of claims. Goes along to please the salesperson, never voicing a doubt. Often agrees before hearing the whole story.
  • Talking a lot. Seems to have all the time in the world. Enjoys spending time with salespeople while having no intention to buy.
  • Avoiding touchy subjects. This customer backs away from conflict. Seems to hear only cheerful information; tunes out the rest.
  • Compromising quickly. Will dodge disagreements by suggesting a quick compromise.
  • Rambling and unfocused. Engages in superficial discussions, aimlessly moving from one topic to another.


Suggestions for Dealing with a Q3 Customer

  • Expect the customer to be enthusiastic and very agreeable.
  • Probe to surface objections and see if agreement is genuine.
  • Be outgoing and friendly, but don’t get sucked in a Q3 whirlpool.
  • Keep the focus on business, but loosen up enough to allow some meandering.
  • Personalize the call. Guide the customer firmly, and make specific suggestions.
  • Be ready to shift your strategy if the customer’s behavior shifts to another quadrant.


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