Results: Q1 Customer

Behavior Questionnaire Results

To better understand how behavior was determined for the person you have chosen, we recommend that you read about Psychological Associates’ Dimensional Model of Behavior.

Q1 Customer: Initiates/Low Regard Behavior

Based upon your responses, when scored against our Dimensional Model, your customer most often exhibits an initiates/low regard style of behavior. This behavior style would be positioned in the Q1 quadrant of our Dimensional Model. In our terminology, your customer is displaying Q1 behavior.


Key Characteristics of Q1 Customer Behavior

Q1 is adversarial behavior, and tries to keep the salesperson off balance and on the defensive. Such customers are determined to get, and keep, the upper hand. Q1 customers believe that most sales are win-lose situations and will do whatever it takes to ensure they don’t lose.

See if any of these Q1 behaviors seem familiar:

  • Arguing and stubborn. Not only does this customer have a strong need to win an argument, he/she seems to be looking for one.
  • Boasting. Likes to impress others. Is often fond of name-dropping.
  • Monopolizing the discussion. Maintains control by interrupting or listening impatiently.
  • Unyielding, closed-minded. Claims to have all the answers. Is often dogmatic, expressing “I-know-better-than-you-do” opinions.
  • Getting easily angered. Can become verbally abusive, belittling you, your product, or your company.


Suggestions for Dealing with a Q1 Customer

  • Show conviction and strength without sounding cocky, argumentative, or aggressive.
  • Don’t argue. Stay cool. Don’t let the customer get to you.
  • Make certain the customer doesn’t lose face.
  • Let the customer take credit for good ideas—even when they’re yours.
  • Expect anger, belligerence, sarcasm, skepticism, flat assertions, impatience, and multiple objections. Vent anger. Probe flat assertions.
  • Be ready to shift your strategy if the customer’s behavior shifts to another quadrant.


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