How Does Each Quadrant Show up to Wash Their Hands?

How Q4s Wash Their Hands

Right now, much of the country is working from home in an effort to contain the spread of Coronavirus. We’re staying six feet apart, sanitizing surfaces — and we’re all doing a whole lot of hand washing. That got Psychological Associates’ own Cindy Lefton, Ph.D., RN thinking — since hand washing is a behavior, how […]

How Do You Overcome Lack of Commitment? Employee Involvement How To’s

how do you overcome lack of commitment

Lack of Commitment Have you ever thought you had a coworker’s commitment to something, but then realized you didn’t? Did you misread your colleague?  Did he say he agreed when he really didn’t, to avoid a conflict? How do you know when employee commitment is genuine? And when it isn’t, how do you overcome lack […]

In the Absence of Leadership | Is the Leader Steering Your Team Into a Ditch?

in the absence of leadership

Facebook Twitter Linkedin Lack of Leadership What do you do when your leader doesn’t lead? Team performance suffers as a result. Should you try to step in and lead?  Or is that presumptuous, as he is the leader?  We’ll pose 3 approaches to handling things in the absence of leadership. You’ll know then, if you […]

Do You Know This Prospect?

Apr17Header blog

“Part of my job involves purchasing. That means I have to deal with salespeople. I hate the song-and-dance that goes on. They act like they’re your friend, but they’re just there to sell you something, right? “And if you don’t watch out, you’ll end up buying too much, the wrong thing, or something that’s priced […]