Horror Stories: Three Bad Bosses You Meet at Work

bad bosses

Everyone has a horror story of a bad boss from their past. Some of them are legendarily bad, like the guy who asked his employees to help him hide his affairs from his spouse. Or you might have heard of bosses who make weird requests like coming up with science fair project ideas for the […]

Coping With a Ruthless Boss

a cruel or ruthless supervisor

Today’s scenario is about how to deal with a demanding boss who wants results at all costs, without concern for his people. Or, as some might call it, a cruel or ruthless supervisor. The Situation: Dealing with a Cruel or Ruthless Supervisor Jake is a middle manager at a tech firm. He tries to employ […]

Don’t Shoot the Messenger! Delivering Your Boss’ Bad Message

White Dove with old letter

Pam Hager, Ph.D., Senior Vice President of Instructional Consulting, shares another leadership learning insight with us: “In conversation with a workshop group the other day, I was asked such an interesting question: Is it insubordination not to deliver the boss’ message as he/she dictated, even if originally it was shared in a Q1 manner? Excellent […]