Prove Your Prospect’s Future Should Be With You

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The Situation You want to be an effective Q4 customer-focused salesperson. Being Q4 means you present the solutions that your products or services can achieve. But it also means you are offering value — to meet both the tangible and personal needs of your customers. Further, it means that your collaborative style becomes part of […]

Is That Agreeable Prospect Actually Going to Sign With You?

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The Situation Jenna sells wholesale office supplies to businesses. She has called on prospect Andy several times in recent months. He seems to like her company’s products. She hopes that Andy will commit to a contract today: Andy: You want coffee? It’s about the only thing your company doesn’t provide (laughs). Jenna: I’m fine. Andy, […]

Are You Leaving It to Your Prospects to Close the Sale?

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The Situation Tom is a fairly new sales rep for a commercial sign company. He gets leads from a number of sources, but he also makes cold calls when he sees retail businesses with aging building signage. Tom is personable, communicates well, and tries to match his products to prospects’ needs in a Q4 way. […]