The Value of Peer Feedback

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Most managers understand that providing regular developmental feedback to direct reports is an important hallmark of effective leadership. But if you’re not also encouraging peer-to-peer feedback, your organization is missing valuable insights that can boost collaboration and productivity. The Challenges of Peer-to-Peer Feedback Feedback between a manager and a direct report can sometimes feel awkward. […]

How Do You Overcome Lack of Commitment? Employee Involvement How To’s

how do you overcome lack of commitment

Lack of Commitment Have you ever thought you had a coworker’s commitment to something, but then realized you didn’t? Did you misread your colleague?  Did he say he agreed when he really didn’t, to avoid a conflict? How do you know when employee commitment is genuine? And when it isn’t, how do you overcome lack […]

What If You Lose Your Cool at Work? Managing Interpersonal Conflict

managing interpersonal conflict

Facebook Twitter Linkedin Raise Your Standards What do you do when your workplace culture is very friendly, and harmonious, but standards of performance are lax? No one confronts each other about low performance and it is starting to impact the business. Should you crack the whip? Convince the president that you need to change the culture? […]

New Know-It-All Employee Wants to “Straighten Out” Boss

how to deal with know it alls

Facebook Twitter Linkedin People Who Think They Know Everything Have you ever worked with someone who–in just 3 months on the job–knows more than their boss who has been there 30 years?  In this case study on how to deal with know it alls, we’ll explore 3 ways of handling the situation. We’ll show you […]