What If You Lose Your Cool at Work? Managing Interpersonal Conflict

managing interpersonal conflict

Facebook Twitter Linkedin Raise Your Standards What do you do when your workplace culture is very friendly, and harmonious, but standards of performance are lax? No one confronts each other about low performance and it is starting to impact the business. Should you crack the whip? Convince the president that you need to change the culture? […]

When Your Customer Reads a Bad Online Review

how to deal with bad online review

The Situation Jenny is a sales rep for a company that supplies uniforms to the health care industry. Ruth is the supply coordinator for a hospital. She’s been renting nursing scrubs for her workforce from Jenny’s firm for about six months. Recently, Ruth was visiting an online customer review site of businesses and noticed a […]

What If a Customer Badmouths You?

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The Situation Darius sells precious gems to jewelry stores. One of his prospects, Jane, is a buyer for a small chain of mall stores. Jane was scheduled to attend a gems and jewelry trade show, but Darius could not attend. Fortunately (or so he thought), one of his good customers would be at the show. […]