The Q4 Model

Psychological Associates is the only talent management company that uses the Dimensional® Model of Behavior™. It was developed by our co-founders Drs. Robert E. Lefton and V.R. Buzzotta to organize objective, observable behavior into four quadrants.

Organizations can challenge their talent to grow and adapt by adopting optimal behavior patterns. We believe Q4 behavior combines a strong desire for accomplishment with a high regard for people to generate long-term business success.

Take the Behavior Questionnaire to learn how to work more effectively with others.

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Leadership Through People Skills®-Upcoming Events

Leadership Through People Skills (LTPS) is an intensive, critically acclaimed workshop taught in a learn-by-doing format that helps business leaders build their interpersonal skills to solve business issues. Equipped with the framework to handle many challenges and an action plan for immediate application, each graduate has new tools to achieve desired results in any workplace situation.

LTPS teaches self-awareness and behavioral skills, including:

  • Motivational Skills: Giving people a compelling reason to excel
  • Communication Skills: Strategies for discovering others’ views
  • Adaptive Skills: Tactics for dealing with interfering behaviors

Upcoming Events

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