Rubin Brown Leadership Through People Skills Prework: St. Louis


Welcome to the RubinBrown Inspired Partner Leadership Through People Skills (LTPS) workshop! Your session will be held July 23 and 24 in the 5th Floor Conference Room at RubinBrown’s offices at One North Brentwood in St. Louis.

Facilitated by Psychological Associates President Michelle Clark, Ph.D., LTPS helps participants:

  • Acquire tools for improved leadership, communication, and the ability to resolve conflicts
  • Learn to identify different behavioral styles
  • Gain insight into their own behaviors and needs
  • Discover ways to make their behavioral style more productive in the workplace
  • Practice giving and receiving immediate, insightful feedback.

The workshop is interactive and lively. Early on, you’ll discuss and explore the skills and concepts presented in Prework. As the workshop progresses, you’ll spend more time with your team in hands-on learning, practicing the application of what you’ve learned. You’ll even work through a role-play based on a situation from your own job. Finally, your team will discuss recommendations that you can apply immediately to improve your leadership skills.

Workshop Prework

Before attending the workshop, it’s critical that you complete the Prework included here, which includes the My Behavior Footprint Survey, several articles that will maximize your learning during the workshop, and prepare for role-play either by completing the Real-Life Case Worksheet or preparing a generic case.

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01 LTPS Prework Overview

02 LTPS Article 1 Leadership

03 LTPS Article 2 Communication

04 LTPS Article 3 Motivation

05 LTPS Article 4 Structuring a Conversation

06 LTPS Prework Real-Life Case Worksheet

Generic Case Studies