• The initial e-mail from Scheduling@Q4Solutions.com includes an attachment with links and a description of each measure, along with the approximate amount of time to complete it.
  • Before starting each measure, carefully read the description, follow the directions provided, and if applicable, take advantage of any practice problems before starting. Note whether the measure is timed or untimed.
  • Be in a private and quiet area.
  • Interruptions should be kept at a minimum. Distracting conditions do not allow you to concentrate and demonstrate your abilities.
  • You may take breaks between measures. Typically, you do not need to complete the full assessment in one sitting; however, please complete all measures as soon as possible.
  • Before starting, ensure you have the following:
    • A computer with an external mouse. Most of our website platforms do not support Tablets, iPads, and Smartphones; only use a computer with an external mouse to complete these measures.
    • A strong broadband or DSL wi-fi connection.
    • Ample writing surface.
    • Scratch paper and pencils.
  • Use only the navigation buttons (next page, previous page, etc.) within the measure. DO NOT use the browser “Back” button.
  • If you experience any technical problems, please try refreshing the page by pressing the F5 button on your keyboard. You may also close out of the assessment window and launch the link again; all of the answers on previous pages/assessments will be saved. If neither of these options corrects the problem, please click here.

Start Your Assessment

  1. Launch the first link in the attachment provided with our initial e-mail. There are two links.
  2. Read the Confidentiality Statement. If you agree, click in the circle, and then on the “Finish” button to continue with your assessment.
  3. You are not required to participate in our Vendor’s survey; feel free to skip.
  4. You may be asked to voluntarily provide some optional demographics, though your responses on these are not required to proceed with the assessment. However, there are also required demographics, and you will not be allowed to proceed without completing these; these are typically identified with an asterisk.
  5. Carefully read the description of each measure before starting.
  6. Continue to the next measure after reading its description.
  7. If your last measure for the first link is the Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ), your OPQ results may take a while to load. Eventually, you should see a notice: “Your session is complete. Thank you.”
    Please e-mail us at Scheduling@Q4Solutions.com if you do not receive this notice, then continue by launching your next link.
  8. Launch the next link. Read each description before starting; then complete the measure.

Thank you for completing your assessment.