Succession Planning Survey

 Congratulations on your interest in improving your organization’s succession planning.  To take the Succession Planning Survey, click the button above.  It takes 5-7 minutes to complete. You’ll get a report at the end with succession recommendations and information, based on your responses. An asterik (*) denotes a required field. Below is additional info you might find helpful.

Succession Planning is Important. But Most Organizations Don’t Do It.

98% of organizations regard succession planning as important.  However, according to succession expert Noel Tichy, nearly 2/3 of them don’t have a succession plan in place.  By putting a succession process in place, you’ll be in the top 1/3 of organizations!

Helpful Info Whether or Not You Have a Succession Plan

This survey is both for organizations who have a succession process and those who don’t.  If you have a succession process already in place, great.  The survey will help you compare your process to best practices and see where your succession planning process is strong, and where it might benefit from some shoring up.

If you don’t have a succession process in place, and are thinking about implementing one, or are trying to convince management to enact succession planning, this survey should be helpful.  It will arm you with some statistics and reasons why succession planning is cost effective that you can use to build a case.

Survey Logistics

The succession planning survey typically takes 5-7 minutes to complete.   It will ask you various questions about your succession practices and thoughts.  Along the way, it will give you some informational tidbits about various components of succession. At the end, you will get a report comparing your answers to succession best practices.  The goal is to help you have a better succession process, or to understand the benefits and what is involved to put one in place.

What Will You Learn About in this Succession Survey?

If you already have a succession plan, areas covered include:

What positions should be covered in a succession plan?

What are best practices in identifying your next generation of leaders?

What are best practices in developing your future leaders?

What are some common succession planning pitfalls to avoid?

If you are looking into implementing succession planning, covered areas include:

What are the signs that a succession program is needed, and does your organization have them?

Are there signals in your industry to suggest it is time for succession planning?

What are benefits of succession planning, and do they make sense for your organization?