Ballout, Mouhamad

Erick Briggs, M.S.

Head of People Analytics & Innovation

Mouhamad Ballout, M.A.

Associate Consultant, Behavioral Sciences

Mouhamad collaborates with clients and colleagues to create meaningful change for individuals, groups, and organizations. With a background in clinical psychology, much of his work considers factors that influence decision-making, behavioral change, and interpersonal skills. He integrates various components in his product development work, including constructing new measurement and reporting systems, fostering individual growth and development, and ultimately positioning individuals to excel in their environment.

Mouhamad has worked with a number of diverse clients across intervention and assessment settings. With his familiarity in statistical analysis, he also has experience with interpreting and presenting data in an effective manner, as well as highlighting practical applications of findings across multiple levels. Currently, Mouhamad is in the process of completing his doctoral dissertation and plans to graduate with his doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology in 2025.

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