Get the Right People on the Bus – 7 Steps to Competency

Get the Right People on the Bus

You have your strategic vision.  Now how do you execute it?  Or, as Jim Collins put it in Good to Great, how do you get the right people on the bus to carry out your strategy? We’ll lay out a 7 step plan. How Do You Get the Right Person on the Bus As leaders, we […]

The Key to Employee Retention

get the right people on the bus

“I don’t get any respect” is a mantra heard in offices throughout corporate America. Indeed, the common wisdom is that employees don’t leave their jobs — they leave their bosses. But employee retention might not actually be about simply getting respect from the boss. It might be bosses’ inability to inspire with a blend of energy and charisma.

Building a High Performance Culture

get the right people on the bus

For more than 60 years, Psychological Associates has helped hundreds of client companies build a culture of high performance while also increasing the leadership capabilities of managers at all levels. Although our leadership and management development initiatives build skills, they also powerfully frame the attitudes and behaviors necessary for true high performance. This framework differentiates […]

Meeting the Leadership Challenge

get the right people on the bus

There are three important things to remember about the life of French General Jean Martinet. One: He was a strict disciplinarian. He drilled his men brutally and demanded rigid adherence to the rules. He was so severe and exacting, he earned a place in the dictionary. Today, anyone displaying this style of leadership is branded […]

The Seven Steps to Competency

get the right people on the bus

As leaders, we sometimes forget that our organization’s goals must be translated into actions that will achieve those goals. It’s not enough to know where your organization is going. Once you create a worthy vision, clear mission, and sound values, common sense says that some other vital changes must take place. Naturally, the more profound […]

Pitfalls of Multi-Rater Feedback

get the right people on the bus

Before you bought your last new suit, you probably stepped in front of a three-way mirror to see how you looked. You may have caught a glimpse of yourself at an angle you’ve never seen before, a view you hardly recognized. If we can live for years without seeing a complete picture of our physical […]

Dimensional Training System®

get the right people on the bus

Psychological Associates’ Dimensional Training system is a unique approach to employee training. It derives its name from the concept underlying all of our workshops — the Dimensional® Model of BehaviorTM.

Performance Management Best Practices and Pitfalls

get the right people on the bus

Performance Management What should be a powerful tool for shaping a group of individuals into a committed workforce dedicated to continuous improvement, often falls short, and, in worst cases, can actually cause employee motivation to deteriorate. Don’t let haphazard processes and poorly developed systems undermine the performance appraisal effort. We’ll layout performance appraisal best practices […]

Common-Sense Leadership Can Produce Uncommon Results

get the right people on the bus

All of the assumptions in our Common Sense Quiz may seem basic. Actually, each statement is based upon a well-tested psychological principle, like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the Yerkes-Dodson law, psychology’s law of effect, the Hawthorne effect, Herzberg’s two-factor theory, and even a few of our own. But, don’t let the names intimidate you. These […]