Results: Q4 Direct Report

Behavior Questionnaire Results

To better understand how behavior was determined for the person you have chosen, we recommend that you read about Psychological Associates’ Dimensional Model of Behavior.

Q4 Direct Report: Initiates/High Regard Behavior

Based upon your responses, when scored against our Dimensional Model, your direct report most often exhibits an initiates/high regard style of behavior. This style of behavior would be positioned in the Q4 quadrant of our Dimensional Model. In our terminology, your direct report is displaying Q4 behavior.

Key Characteristics of Q4 Direct Report Behavior

Q4 actions uncover other people’s views and persuade others to pitch in to solve problems. Q4 regards the boss as the senior partner in a two-way relationship.

See if any of these Q4 behaviors seem familiar:

  • Responding. Q4 is a good listener who gets the whole story by asking appropriate questions.
  • Collaborating. Works enthusiastically on team projects without trying to monopolize them. Is quick to give credit to those deserving it.
  • Acting cool under pressure. Q4 concentrates on solving problems and addressing issues instead of arguing, fighting, and creating additional difficulty.
  • Not passing the buck. Q4 behavior is non-blaming. Q4 accepts responsibility for mistakes, doesn’t alibi.
  • Self-discovering. Q4 likes to learn and views challenges as an opportunity to do so.


Suggestions for Dealing with a Q4 Direct Report

  • Be prepared for a demanding interaction. Q4 expects you to back up your ideas, help her grow, and deliver on your promises.
  • Be businesslike and direct. Avoid flat assertions.
  • Give the direct report as much autonomy as she can handle.
  • Q4 behavior is typically motivated by needs for independence and self-actualization. Stress benefits relating to these. E.g. “If we can work this out, you’ll have an opportunity to gain experience in a new area.”
  • Use the full range of probes, particularly open-end questions and summary statements.
  • Be prepared to adapt your strategy if the direct report’s behavior changes to another quadrant.

Q4 Leadership: The People Skills Advantage

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